Portraits are available in various sizes and in either graphite or colour pencil. There is also the option of having your finshed piece mounted and framed.

There are a few steps to creating your perfect portrait.

Firstly you need to decide on the picture you want drawn. The ideal photo is of high quality and taken in a natural light, so as to not create any unnatural shadows. Most importantly to me, the eyes need to be in focus and clear to see. The eyes can make or break a portrait, they show the nature and the character of the animal. Below are an example of a good and bad reference photo. If it's a particular animal you are looking for, not a pet, I have access to photo's suitable for using with the photographers permission. 

cat bad reference

Bad Reference

This photo is not in focus and the eyes aren't very clear. The photo is very dark, there is definition of colour. The only good point is that it's a good crop for a headshot portrait.

cat good reference

Good Reference

This photo however is in focus, you can clearly the reflections in her eyes. The photo is in a natural light and therefore the colours in her fur are very clear. You can see every hair.

Next up you need to decide whether you want graphite or colour pencil. Don't just assume because you have a black cat or a grey horse that they are the only colours used. Hidden in the blacks and whites are a magnitude of different colours. 


graphite horse portrait

Graphite portraits are a great way to remember a pet or the perfect gift for a loved one.

In general a graphite portrait has a quicker turn around than a colour portrait. It still holds a lot of detail and getting the tones right to create depth can be challenging.


cat colour portrait

Colour pencil portraits can really make the animal stand out, they are ideal gifts for any occasion.

Colour portraits tend to take longer as there are lots of different layers to build up using various pencils in different colours. Not always the colours you would expect.

So you've decided how you want your portrait, next up you need to decide what size you want it. I have 3 sizes I offer as standard, if you are after a particular size I can easily accommodate for your needs. Simply contact me and we can discuss your requirements.


6" x 8" inches

8" x 10" inches

11" x 14" inches

My most popular size is 8" x 10". Just a bit smaller than A4, it's a good size to get plenty of detail in, yet small enough to sit nicely on the side or hang on the wall.

Your final choice is whether you want your portrait framed. The frames I offer are a white mount in a natural wooden frame. I like to keep them fairly simple so as to not take focus away from the drawing at all. The benefit of getting it framed is it's ready to go on the wall, or a wrap as a gift, as soon as you receive it. 

For a guide on prices for each size, colour and multiple images click here.

graphite horse portrait