Whether they have fur, feathers or scales, I want to immortalise your treasured companion in a keepsake you can cherish forever.

'Rumworth Red Rum'

Completed in graphite, on smooth bristol board paper, this portrait is of the gorgeous Harry, aka Rumworth Red Rum. Harry belongs to the lovely Libby and this is her second portrait from MC Animal Portraits. Libby also has a portrait of her other horse Tommy.

She first heard about MC Animal Portraits when she won a class at a local charity show run by Pukka Ponies Equine Rescue. In winning the class, Libby and Tommy also won a free portrait. She then decided to add Harry to her collection!

Whilst completing this portrait Harry was admitted to the vets with colic and Libby showed him his portrait in progress whenever she visited him. Thankfully he pulled through and was back home before his portrait arrived.

You can find more examples of my graphite work under the graphite section of my portfolio, or click here to go directly.


  This portrait of the lovely Poppy was done in prismacolor on Bristol Board paper. Poppy was commissioned by Janice for a birthday present for her father. Janice couldn't be there when he father opened his present but I am assured that he loved it and it bought a tear to his eye.

There is a section for my colour pencil work under the portfolio section. Just click here to be taken straight there.

As well as pet portraits, I have also drawn a few wildlife pieces. Most of these are available at my Etsy store.

About The Artist   

Hi everyone!! My name is Mel, and I'd love to welcome you to MC Animal Portraits!! I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself to you briefly.

I am Mel, a mum of two young children and 3 furry cats! All of them like to keep me on my toes on a daily basis! As well as looking after them I also work part time and spend just 2-3 hours an evening on drawing.

   As a pet owner and animal lover, I fully understand the bond that comes with having a pet. The way they can make you smile, laugh or cry with just a look! Many consider their pets to be another member of the family, and therefore I consider it very important to capture the personality & character of each individual animal I have the pleasure of drawing.

   For this reason I started MC Animal Portraits back in 2011, and haven't looked back! To begin with I only used graphite, I started experimenting with colour pencil in 2013 but only started using them properly in 2015/16. I now offer both graphite and colour pencil drawings. I mainly draw custom pet portraits but will turn my hand to any animal. I have a selection of pet and wildlife prints available.

   I take a massive amount of pride in what I do. If I'm not happy with a piece for any reason, I will not take payment and will often start fresh. To me they are not just a picture that will hang on a wall, or stand on the side, they are a part of someones life, your life. They hold memories and feelings of the past, present and future.

   If you're interested in a commissioned portrait please contact me through the contact form on the contact page or email mcanimalportraits@hotmail.co.uk 

   Thanks for stopping by!!